Captain SPIFR Helicopter


SevenBar is looking to employ a SPIFR Helicopter Pilot for UVA

SevenBar is hiring SPIFR Captains for UVA team. In this roll you’ll report to the Base Manager and Chief Pilot. The line pilot is responsible for choreographing safe and efficient air medical flight operations. This role is Single Pilot IFR Captain working with a team of highly trained medical professionals. As PIC you will have the responsibility of making the tactical aviation decisions that help flight medics and nurses deliver outstanding patient care.

We’re looking for someone who:

· Communicates effectively to the Chief Pilot, Base Manager, and other crew members regarding flight operational activities

· Has no qualms cancelling or suspending any flight operation in the interest of safety until hazards have been removed or are no longer a threat to safe operations

· Performs the Line Pilot role , as well as other tasks as assigned, to help support the strategic objectives of the flight operations department

· Promotes and supports our Safety and Just Culture Programs

· Embraces and demonstrates promotional behaviors consistent with our organizational values and policies

You are looking for a company that:

· Offers you the opportunity to fly for a meaningful cause

· Respects and compensates your skills, ideas, contributions, and effort

· Offers continuing education opportunities and meaningful engagement with the larger air medical transport community

· Gives you the opportunity to work with our diverse, committed, and talented team

· Improves patient outcomes each and every day

· Can offer career advancement opportunities; impress us, and see where it takes you…

· You should have excellent verbal and written communication skills as well as the interpersonal skills needed to work effectively with customer representatives and other internal employees, both laterally and vertically. You should be experienced and proficient in Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel and able to effectively use various mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads.

· You should bring your excellent aeronautical skills, “team player” mentality, and confidence in group settings,coaching attitude, and sound judgment with you to work every day.

· You should be self-motivated and organized, able to plan and manage your time effectively, and be proficient at acquiring new skills rapidly.

· You will be performing pre-flight and post-flight inspections, as well as planning flights, assisting in loading of passengers, baggage and cargo, analyzing weather conditions, and maintaining aircraft and pilot logs and records.

· You will be responsible for the operation of an aircraft tug, tractor, and/or ground handling equipment.


· Must be able to hold a TSA or Airport-issued Air Operations Area (AOA) or Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) security badge

· Must be able to maintain a first class medical


· High school diploma or equivalent required.

· Bachelor’s degree preferred.


· Commercial/Instrument Rotorcraft-Helicopter Required, ATP preferred

· Minimum of 2500 hours total time

· Minimum of 1500 hours R/W time PIC required

· Minimum 1000 R/W Turbine hours required

· Minimum 500 hours cross-country required

· Minimum 100 hours Simulated / Actual instrument time required

· Minimum 100 hours of night time required

· Multi-engine experience preferred.

· NVG experience preferred

· Prior Part 135 and air medical experience preferred. Exceptions allowed for prior military personnel with an honorable discharge and civilian certificates.

· Actual IFR experience required, SPIFR experience preferred


Ability to climb in and out of aircraft and ambulances is required. Ability to sit for extended periods of time and complete computer work. Overnight travel required for training, and occasional relief work.


To be considered for the Captain role, please email your resume to