EMS Operator SevenBar to Boost Fleet Safety, Business Efficiency with SKYTRAC Flight Data Monitoring

Emergency medical flight services operator SevenBar Aviation has signed a letter of intent to equip their fleet with SKYTRAC’s innovative Flight Data Monitoring business suite. The solution will harvest rich data from the fleet’s onboard sensor systems, transmitting real-time air-to-ground alerts in emergency situations and logging in flight activity for post-mission analysis.

“SKYTRAC’s FDM solution is ideally suited to the EMS industry where flights are completed under changeable and challenging conditions. When backed by reliable data acquisition systems, automated real-time communications, and objective historical reports, operators benefit from actionable intelligence that not only enhances safety, but also improves overall efficiency and ultimately profitability,” said SKYTRAC VP Sales Brian O’Flynn. “We’re pleased to have been selected by SevenBar Aviation, a leader in the EMS field.”

About SKYTRAC: SKYTRAC is today’s partner of choice for data-guided business insights that result in greater efficiency, improved safety and much more. As aviation’s full-service source for data-driven business solutions, SKYTRAC offers a one-stop hub for meeting more of your company’s needs, from performance trending and business decisioning tools to real-time asset tracking and situational awareness. http://www.skytrac.ca

About SevenBar Aviation: SevenBar Aviation offers medical flight services to a broad array of healthcare organizations throughout the nation. Committed to safety, excellence, performance and responsiveness in aviation for more than 60 years, we view each new client as an opportunity to prove once again that SevenBar Aviation is unmatched in giving our clients a competitive edge in their market. Our clients have a mission. Our job is to support it. http://www.7bar.com