Why Sevenbar

Fly the best.

Our goal has never been to be the biggest air medical operator. From day one, our goal has been to be the best. That means remaining focused on our commitment to safety and excellence, and using what we’ve learned along the way to continually improve our performance and responsiveness.

Our service, experience and track record speak volumes. Why SevenBar Aviation? These facts set us apart and make us the solid choice for your medical flight needs:

• SevenBar Aviation’s focus and motivation are a large part of what sets the company apart. Our focus is on the patient, not on a targeted return or exit strategy. Our motivation is providing safe transportation and high reliability for our partners, not on volume.

• Air Medical is all we do – we are not a division of a larger company with different priorities. We maintain a strong presence and connection to the air medical community.

• Our commitment to serving transport programs would not be compromised by a SevenBar Aviation “Community Based” program.

• Strong industry leaders that are very engaged with the air medical community.

• We believe there is a core group of programs that are frustrated by the status quo and are seeking a fresh operator option that is not driven toward sacrificing patient care for profit/volume growth.

• We recognize too much growth too fast is a negative, and we are dedicated to growing in healthy, safe, and sensible manner.

• We are advocates of utilization and integration of expertise with program level personnel. Their knowledge of the operation, culture, and environment is invaluable.