Training & Accreditation

In our business, safety is a high priority, and at SevenBar Aviation we take it to new heights.

SevenBar Aviation provides initial and ongoing safety orientation and training for all crew members. Medical personnel are encouraged to report any safety incidents or concerns that occur on each flight. SevenBar Aviation’s safety personnel are able to review all post-flight reports and any maintenance, safety hazards, or concerns through the use of SevenBar’s electronic safety management system.

SevenBar Aviation utilizes the Baldwin Aviation SMSTransport™ platform designed specifically for medical transport programs. The SMSTransport™ system provides for immediate notification of safety reports and provides SevenBar Aviation the ability to rapidly respond to safety related events. The SMSTransport™ system is part of SevenBar Aviation’s Safety Management System which is designed to meet the requirements of FAR Part 5 on a voluntary basis as part of our active participation in the FAA’s SMS Voluntary Program (SMSVP).

Our designated Base Safety Managers provide our clinical customers with educational programs that include safety, hands-on survival and AMRM (CRM) training, in-aircraft training, and egress manuevers with an artificially smoked cabin. Additional training programs are designed and customized specifically for our customers in an effort to meet the unique needs of each program.

We utilize FlightSafety International and CAE’s FAR Part 142 training centers to provide pilot and technician training services for all turbojet and turbo prop operations utilizing full motion simulators. Our training division for both rotor and fixed wing services is comprised of FAA approved check airman and training captains with extensive air medical experience. Training is scenario based from classroom to aircraft and continued education is our priority for all of our pilots.