Success Stories

Rise Above Expectations.

At SevenBar Aviation, we work with some of the most respected healthcare providers in the country. We’re proud of the contributions we’ve been able to make to their ability to deliver care, reach patients, and operate more effectively.

The best way to see what we can do for you is to take a close look at what we’ve done for our past and current clients. Each and every one of them came to us with a set of expectations. And in every case, we made it our goal to rise above them.

Customer Testimonials

Emergency Services/University of New Mexico Hospitals

For almost 40 years we have had a collaborative partnership with SevenBar Aviation. They provide expert customer care with a focus on safety and reliability beyond compare. SevenBar consistently strives to exceed our transport needs and expectations.

- Jennifer Vosburgh, Executive Director, Emergency Services/University of New Mexico Hospitals

Lifeguard – Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Pilot Randy Hewitt provided our medical crews with a very thorough orientation and review of the features of our aircraft. He covered a variety of emergency scenarios and procedures, including Crew Resource Management.

“I also really appreciate pilot Bill Norton’s involvement with our Safety Committee. He is very even-toned, informative, and able to explain things in layman’s terms. He’s also kept us informed with respect to new/updated policies, procedures, and training dealing with safety issues. Darrell Rickert and his crew of mechanics (Pete Clark and Dave Modisette) worked through a variety of aircraft issues including electronics, positioning and securing of equipment, climate control and more. They have always been very helpful and continue to work on our aircraft to ensure safety and comfort.

In addition, Bernard Raysor and Sean Mulholland have both been open and informative as we worked through investigations of incidents and safety concerns. The each demonstrated a commitment to safety and transparency. They also assisted in helping to put things into the proper perspective.”

- Jim Allday / Chief Flight Nurse / Lifeguard Air Emergency Services

Children’s Medical Center – Dallas, Texas

“SevenBar Aviation has always been a partner with Children’s Medical Centers Transport Team. One of the most important aspects of our partnership is SevenBar’s commitment to safety. They participates in monthly safety meetings, always keeping the members aware of the latest aviation safety both in the industry, and within our program as well. The pilot’s representation at the meetings allow for open communication on safety matters and quality improvement of the program.

SevenBar Aviation also participates in daily safety briefings with the crews. They discuss daily weather, staffing, and any other issues of the day. Each day, they also discuss a safety topic with the crews, be it situational awareness, emergency procedures or sterile cockpit. The daily reminders help our crews to have safety, team building and open communication at the forefront of all we do.”

- Carol Hasty MS, RN / Children's Medical Center Dallas

SevenBar Aviation Testimonial

“I am writing to you regarding a flight that I had the pleasure of going on Monday May 12th to Lubbock with Barbie Dollak and Kyle Hodges. We knew that storm systems were possible in the evening and took the flight since we had plenty of time to complete the call before forecasted weather events. Texas storms that day did not get the memo. We had pt loaded into 779SB at Lubbock and were preparing for takeoff for return to Dallas Love field. Barbie had communicated to us that there was weather in Dallas so we were not allowed to land in Dallas (weather was good when checked prior to pt load). Our options were to stay in Lubbock and wait 1-2 hours with a questionable timeline on return to Dallas, or proceed to Abilene (get closer to destination) and check weather status at that time.

Throughout the flight Barbie and Kyle [of SevenBar Aviation] worked exceptionally well together communicating with ATC and setting waypoints that were safe and clear of storm systems. The flight was honestly one of the best flights that I have been on regarding communication. Barbie updated us on the plan and also what the backup would be in case we could not go with original plan. She also informed us that we had plenty of fuel for added flight time due to redirection. We were able to fly from Dallas to Abilene to San Angelo to Waco to Dallas with the option to land in Tyler if Love field was closed. ATC from my perspective was incredibly busy that afternoon due to rerouting of aircraft due to the storm system. Kyle was clear, concise, and professional (he always is) on the radio to get us clearance to get around the weather. I am grateful for the great job that Barbie and Kyle did that day and would like to acknowledge their outstanding airmanship.”

- Julie Baker, RN