At SevenBar Aviation, we recognize the need to provide diverse business solutions for our customers, and provide solutions that meet their needs. That’s why we offer many different business models, and our services include both traditional and hybrid options. Whether your goal is to improve cost-efficiencies, accommodate specific types of patients, improve your response in your current markets, or expand your reach into new territories, we can help you find the best and most cost-efficient ways to achieve those goals. It all comes down to the right people, the right equipment, the right expertise and the right plan. At SevenBar Aviation, you’ll find them all.

We have developed ongoing relationships with leading health care organizations across the country in providing fixed and rotor wing air medical transport solutions. We focus exclusively on providing the most advanced technology, highly trained professionals, and proven aircraft. In both rotor and fixed wing environments, SevenBar Aviation offers a wide variety of aircraft options to our partners to ensure all of their clinical and operational needs are exceeded. Our approach is driven by a safety risk matrix assessment and by the desires of the healthcare organization (hospitals, clinics, emergency medical services, fire departments, and others) in meeting the needs of the patients we serve together.

Take Your Capabilities To The Next Level. It all comes down to the right people, the right equipment, the right expertise and the right plan. At SevenBar Aviation, you'll find them all.

A Global Medical Response Solution

Global Medical Response is changing the face of healthcare for patients in communities, work settings and homes. We believe that no matter who you are, or where you are, you deserve timely, equitable and appropriate access to healthcare.

GMR’s scope of services covers ground and air emergency medical services, air and ground interfacility transportation and managed transportation. With more than 39,000 team members, 375 rotor-wing, 132 fixed-wing assets and over 8,000 ground fleet, we provide unrivaled offerings.

As part of the GMR family of companies, SevenBar Aviation is committed to provide equitable access to care through our proven business model that allows our programs to experience success in caring for and transporting patients in rural settings and hospitals to large tertiary care facilities in metropolitan areas. We utilize the most advanced equipment, quality aircraft, and most importantly, trained and experienced staff to accomplish our mission of saving lives and caring for the communities we serve.